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dismantling an old garage

Garage dismantling and asbestos roof removal

Time you got your old garage out of the way?
Our qualified and licensed team in Stoke -on-Trent can help!

Your entire garage safely
dismantled and removed

If your old garage is now little more than a nuisance, then it’s time you contacted TS Direct to ensure it is safely dismantled and removed by licensed waste carriers.

We are also fully licensed to handle and remove asbestos roofs, which means you needn’t put your long-term health at risk by attempting to carry out the removal yourself.

Site clearance and waste handling

We conduct all of our work in a neat and organised manner,

and that includes clearing up after ourselves. We’ll take away all the rubble, interior fittings, doors and assorted debris, leaving your garden nice and tidy – ready for a new garden building to be installed.

Asbestos being removed from roof

Our garage removal service includes:

Safe, licensed removal of asbestos removing
Stripping out of the garage interior
Dismantling of the structure
Breaking up and removal of the old base
Removal of all debris and waste from site

Call TS Direct here in Stoke to request a survey and quote on your garage removal.

Call 07878 593083

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