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Woodthorpe garage

The Woodthorpe Garage

The Woodthorpe’s classic design ensures
it will never go out of style

Order this quality, affordable garden building now from
TS Direct in Stoke-on-Trent

The building’s uPVC woodgrain fascias and brown guttering are perfectly complemented by the woodgrain 4’ double glazed window. The brown, fibre cement roof drains to both sides and utilises 5″ profile roof sheets, which are at least 20% thicker than other suppliers!

All in all, the Woodthorpe is a sumptuous blend of rustic aesthetic and structural excellence that will prove perfect for just about any property!

What's more, the Woodthorpe is available in all our other models, including Apex, Knight, Duchess and Monarch...

Vertical ribbed up and over door and personal door

offer strength and security

The Woodthorpe's vertical, ribbed up and over door and personal door come alongside an internal cement fillet and foam filler applied to the eaves. Meanwhile, the brick front posts look breathtakingly rustic in eye-catching Golden Russet. Our full range of roof styles is available: Apex, Knight, Monarch and Duchess.

Woodthorpe double garage
Hanson garages approved agent

Features of the Woodthorpe:

Unique interlocking concrete panels
Woodgrain maintenance free uPVC fascias
Woodgrain Hormann market leading doors
Brick fronts in Rustic Brown
Brown robust cement fibre roof sheets with matching ridge
Vertically ribbed steel personnel door in Woodgrain
4ft wide fixed PVC double glazed window in Woodgrain

Ask about the Woodthorpe garden building when you call

the TS Direct team in Stoke on 07878 593083

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